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8/13 Matador News: Week 1

Upcoming Events

August 14 : Freshman Orientation, 8am-11am
August 15 : First Day of School
August 16-18: New Student Chromebook Distribution
August 25 : Football Season Opener vs Morse (Varsity- 7:30 @MMHS)
September 27 : Back to school Night

See the full school calendar.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Mount Miguel High School. I am excited to begin a new year and am anxious to share all the exciting things happening at the Mount. In preparation of student arrival, our teaching and support staff have been busy preparing a safe and rich learning environment for each and every Matador.

Mount Miguel is a great place to learn and grow. All of our decisions are data driven and focused on student achievement. We take pride that we have high expectations for each student. Furthermore, we expect students to attend school regularly, put forth an effort in each classroom, and respect the rights of each individual in our school community. We, as a community, are here to support students all along the way.

The vision of Mount Miguel is to be a school that provides opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth that empowers individuals to create a positive impact in their school, home, and community.

Welcome, or welcome back, to Mount Miguel. Home of the Matadors! Follow me on twitter @drkhedrick or instragram @ mmhsmatadors.

Your in Matador Spirit,

Dr. Kimberlee Hedrick

New Student Chromebook Distribution

Incoming 9th graders will be receiving their Chromebooks beginning on Wednesday, August 16.  A packet of information, including insurance information, will be sent home on the first day of school. The packet is also available for download in English, Spanish, or Arabic.

Learn more about our Chromebook program on our Future Forward website.

MMHS Goes Solar

Mount Miguel is moving towards the future and becoming energy efficient with these brand new solar panels!

Construction of New Office is Underway

Channel 10 News visited Mount Miguel to report on the construction of our new office and event center.  Check out the video below.

New Engineering Program

MMHS is excited to announce the opening of its Matador Engineering Program. Powered by Project Lead the Way,  we are working to build a successful STEM program to support students in their exploration of math and science. Students successfully completing a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course of study are eligible for college credit and select admissions to San Diego State University in impacted majors like mechanical and civil engineering.

In addition, having experienced the powerful learning involved in engineering, students gain access to internships and scholarships that support their college and career aspirations. The program has been initiated by veteran teacher Harold Mumford who has worked with the Matador community for 24 years. Over the last six years, Mr. Mumford has been a lead mentor and developer of seven competition robotics teams across San Diego county. "Building," he says, "makes math and physics real and relevant. Project-based learning teaches students how to learn while giving them a reason to learn."

We are excited that he is bringing the challenge of engineering education to the Mount and that he will continue to sing, dance, and rap as he teaches students engineering design, principles, and processes. Be on the look out for enrichment programs such as Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) and For Inspiration and Recognition of Math and Science (FIRST) Robotics Programs to come in 2018. MMHS strives to meet the needs of an emerging future.

New Staff

Please welcome our new staff members!
Assistant Principals: Jake Gaeir & Joel Tropp
Science Teacher: Milena Lopez
Special Education Teacher: Stephanie Turner


  1. Great newsletter! Lots of exciting things happening at The Mount! I'm glad to be part of such a great team!

  2. Excited for a new year and welcome new Matadors!

  3. This is an excellent newsletter/blog focusing on some cool things happening at Mount Miguel!


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