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9/10 Matador News: Week 5

Upcoming Events

September 11, 18 and 25: Collaboration Mondays

September 27 : Back to School Night

September 30 : Deadline to Purchase Chromebook Insurance

See the full school calendar.


  • $9.95 Cox High Speed Internet! Did you know your family may be eligible for discounted internet.  See the flyer for details or apply here.
  • Chromebook Insurance for is available for purchase until September 30th. It is $28.95 for a one year plan that can be renewed annually.  Warranty program covers 100% parts and labor, accidental damage, as well as theft. There is no deductible. It is highly recommended. 

Principal's Update

Welcome to Week 5!

Please begin to log on to Infinite Campus this week to review 4th week progress marks.

Tips for parents (By MetroParent)

Here are six tips on how to help your child succeed in high school – and overcome failing courses:
Be proactive. If you know your kid falls behind in their schoolwork or doesn’t do so well when it comes to grades, talk to the teacher immediately – before it becomes an issue in that class. “I have parents who email me on a weekly basis to check up on assignments, their student’s progress or behavior, and even things that are going on at home that might be affecting them,” Oaks says.
Make your expectations clear and stick with them. Did your daughter’s grades drop? It’s time to take away some of her privileges. Get in contact with her teacher, too, and inform the instructor of the expectations you’ve set for your child.
Attend parent-teacher conferences. “Students whose parents regularly attend conferences tend to perform better in school.” Read more about strengthening the parent-teacher bond and get some tips for making the most out of parent-teacher conferences.
Use online gradebooks. All schools provide personalized logins for parents and guardians, Oaks notes. Inform your kids that you’re checking on their grades and contact teachers if you have questions or concerns.
Create a routine. This should include homework time after school and dinner together – without phones. This can be difficult, but parents and guardians should have control and set rules for phone usage, video games and more if their child’s grades have dropped. Take away distractions from your child, such as, phones, video games, sports, and friends, until the student is able to manage their schoolwork.
Don’t believe everything kids tell you. Yes, you read that right. “Students with a proclivity for failure (and even those who don’t) have a tendency to lie about what’s going on at school and in the classroom,” Oaks says. They might tell you the teacher doesn’t like them, but the issue could be that the child is having a behavior problem. Maybe they say the teacher goes too fast. If that’s the case, your child might not be asking questions if they have them. Email the teacher to find out what exactly is happening in the classroom.
Turning bad grades into good grades is a group effort among parents, teachers, and students. “Parents need to be part of their children’s education,” says McKnight. As a parent, the best thing you can do is be involved, be consistent, be supportive and be patient.
This post was originally published in 2015 and was updated in 2016.

Athletic Update: Tough week! 

Mount Miguel football was slowed down this week by the Valhalla Norsemen and Mother Nature. Valhalla demonstrated an unusual run game and were able to beat the Matadors 24-12. The Norsemen jumped out early with a field goal on their first possession, then followed that up on their next drive taking advantage of a substitute error with a 45 yard run for a touchdown. Quarterback Mugabee Miller dropped back and found a streaking Santino Pacheco down the left side for a 61 yard touchdown to cut the lead to 10-6. Both teams traded punts and field position all night long. It wasn't until Mount Miguel was punted out of end zone did the game break loose. Valhalla took the punt and raced 37 yards for the score. At this point, Mother Nature inserted herself into the nigh and brought down the rain on the fans and the players. The fans exited the stadium and the momentum of the night shifted. Valhalla would score once again in the fourth quarter to extend their lead to 24-6. The Matadors added another late score to finish the night. Santino Pacheco was all over the field tonight being the deep threat on offense, blitzing and making numerous tackles on defense, and returning kickoffs and punts. Definitely the best player on the field tonight on both teams.

JV Football won 30-0
Freshmen Lost 24-6

Girls Golf took on the Granite Hills Eagles this week at Cottonwood GC and got a strong performance from Alejandra Contreras. Although the team lost the match Alejandra scored a personal best and leads the group of Matadors. The cast of girls continue to post improvements in their scores and look for their first win of the season 

Girls Tennis- Helix came into this game dominating their opponents and not giving up any sets.  The young Matadors led by their doubles team were able to win 4 sets from the Highlanders. Although it was a small victory it showed the ladies their capabilities and belief in the athletic process.  The girls were not intimidated by the Helix players, but more eager to face them. They look to rebound this week on Tuesday versus El Cajon and then on the road Thursday against West Hills. Come out and support the team and watch some US Open like tennis.

Girls Volleyball- Mount Miguel travelled to Morse for a cross town matchup featuring friends and family.  The gymnasium was packed with fans cheering loud creating a frenzy of excitement. The Matadors found themselves down early giving up the first set to strong serving by the home team and bad defensive positioning. The Matadors were gearing to win game two when they were called with two rotation violations which gave the Tigers the win. Coach Reyes disagreed with the timing and interpretation of the rules. Game 3 showed some fight in the ladies and victory as a result in all around good play.  The Tigers closed out the night with a victory in game 4 sending the matadors home with their second consectuive loss. The volleyball team will once again be on the road this week as the face the Madison  Warhawks and Montgomery Aztecs.

JV Volleyball lost 2-0
Freshmen Volleyball lost 2-0

Boys water polo participated in the West Hill Invitation this weekend and performed well with a group comprised of 7 newcomers and three returning players. The lost their first match up against Pt Loma 17-6 and were eager to bounce back on Saturday. The path would not be easy as they would play from the losers bracket hoping to get to the championship. They would have to play four games for that to happen. Look out for this group as they expect big things in league.

See this weeks schedule on the website.

Activity Update

This is the second week for this year of the Matador Tutoring Center (MTC).

MTC is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15-4:15.  For a complete listing of tutoring subjects and locations, check out the schedule.

BASE is also open from 12:30-4:30 PM. BASE is a safe space for students to socialize, play games, or get some some homework done in a supervised and fun environment.

See the activities page on the website for more information and the activities calendar for a list of activities each day.

Get involved with Matador Media

One new after school program that is new this year is Matador Media.  Matador Media will be producing a video news magazine about the MMHS community.  Students of all grades, experience levels, and interests are welcome.  We need camera operators, editors, reporters, producers and more.

Come by room 667 T-Th from 3-4 to get involved in this exciting new opportunity.